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The spring equinox - and managing the gales

Spring is here - a new season full of hope and new life.  But not so much here in Wellington with our particularly capricious (aka lousy) weather.  The wind regularly blasts us back into winter mode, shattering the delicate spring blossom and bruising the fresh new leaves.

Delicate cherry blossom - Prunus Awanui at the Wellington Botanic Garden - in a quiet spell

Delicate cherry blossom - Prunus Awanui at the Wellington Botanic Garden - in a quiet spell

It's unsettling!  And it's our election day today - will we be choosing politicians who genuinely care about people and the environment?  Possibly not.

Does it feel to you a bit like New Year's - a time to turn over a new leaf and resolve to make positive changes?  You might think about doing that, quite carefully.  And even if you don't make a big deal of it you might imagine making some changes that you feel good about.

But the weather of everyday life seems to get in the way.  Disruptions, busy-ness, forgetting, old habits.  Then regret, a bit of a beat up - you've done it again.  You feel defeated or resolve to try harder.  And so it goes.  It doesn't feel all that great.  You're likely to feel a little bit of failure, a bit less confident about yourself, a bit less optimistic, less capable.  Like a wind-battered plant maybe.

But I have lived in Wellington for a long time now.  While I still shudder when the wind batters the vulnerable plants, I know that they can recover.  They will keep growing.  And they'll usually be ok, even flourish - especially if they have strong roots, good soil, enough moisture, qualities that make them resilient and protect them against the drying and damage of the wind, and protections that we can provide - watering, shelter, supports.  Spring can still be lovely.  Wellington has beautiful plants despite it all.

We're not so different from plants in a way.  These are things that will help ensure that you will be ok too.  What are your strong roots and good soil, qualities that help you to be resilient and protect you from damage to your wellbeing, and what external supports do you have or need?

Kindness means you can look at these aspects of your life to discover what helps and how it can be done without hurting you. 

(Yes - it is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.  Another transition, but one that can still be about managing changes and kindly caring for yourself.)

And it's not just the equinox - this is the first post of my weekly blog, devoted to enabling you to grow and flourish, and doing this with kindness.