How will it be for you today?

When you wake up in the morning, you want the day to go well.

A fishing boat heads out from Island Bay at sunrise, the golden sky reflected in the calm water.

A fishing boat heads out from Island Bay at sunrise, the golden sky reflected in the calm water.

BUT - so much can derail things from the very start of the day:

  • not having had enough sleep
  • waking up late
  • not looking forward to what you will be doing or should be doing
  • feeling unprepared
  • not feeling very well
  • having big worries that attack as soon as you wake up...

Here's a simple idea that I'm trying out.  It comes from BJ Fogg, developer of "Tiny Habits" - a well-tested system for achieving behaviour change.  He mentioned this one when reviewing the Tiny Habits that people have found useful, and that they keep doing.  (There is a lot of information about Tiny Habits online - essentially it's a system of achieving behaviour change by linking a tiny behaviour - taking no more than 30 seconds - with something that you already automatically do, and celebrating it as soon as you have done it.  It's like a seed - establishing a new habit this way leads on to further change.)

This is it:     When you first get out of bed, and put your feet on the floor, you say

"today is going to be a great day."

BUT, BUT, BUT - you may well say - what if it's not true?  isn't that over the top?  isn't that setting yourself up for disappointment?  how do you know?  my life is too complicated for that to mean anything...and so on.  Resistance rears its head.

And BJ Fogg acknowledged that if he knew things were going to be difficult, he would say, "today is going to be great day, somehow."

Since we New Zealanders are bit more understated than that, the Kiwi version I am trying is

"today is going to be a good day" with "somehow" if indicated.

Why could it be helpful?  It's stating an intention (without to-do pressure), setting a direction, helping to focus on the fact that there will inevitably be good things in the day (some people would even say it's "all good," but that's a bit of a stretch for most of us.)

Although I find putting my feet on the floor not quite a strong enough link to remember it each day, it's becoming more automatic.  My celebrations are a bit muted - just yay, I remembered!  I could work on that too.

Are you sceptical?  I reckon it's worth a try - such a tiny thing to do! 

What do you discover when you do it?

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